Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

Air conditioning units today have become indispensable for every home. With rise in global temperatures, and a shift in climate conditions, the summers are becoming warmer than ever. The rising mercury levels have increased the need for air-conditioners and cooling systems. AAC Heating and Cooling offers the best quality cooling systems for you, because we care for your comfort in your homes.

Air Conditioning Installation NJ

AAC Heating and Cooling offers smooth and convenient air conditioning installation services in NJ for residential homes. Your comfort is our top priority, so we make sure to provide quick, convenient and top quality installation services at your preferred date and time. Our technicians are qualified and experienced to carry out the job smoothly in the first go. We are your trustable air conditioning installation company in NJ.

Air Conditioning Maintenance NJ

AAC Heating and Cooling provides the best air conditioning maintenance services in NJ and PA for residential homes. We understand that it’s not only important for the home to be cool during the hot summer months, but also that the cooling system runs efficiently without any glitches. AAC Heating and Cooling offers top quality and hassle free air conditioning maintenance in NJ to make sure your home is cool and a place of comfort.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

AAC Heating & Cooling deals with air conditioning repair and maintenance services for homes in NJ & PA. If you have a faulty air conditioner that is not keeping your home cool and comfortable, let us know! We will send our expert technicians who can identify the problem and then recommend the right solution to get the air conditioner working again. We handle all kinds of air-conditioning repair and service issues. Our repair and maintenance team can provide solutions to:

  • Thermostat issues
  • Electrical issues
  • Warm air output
  • Condensation
  • Gas leakage
  • Other related issues

Preventive Maintenance for Your Air-conditioning System in NJ

AAC Heating & Cooling cares for your comfort inside your homes. We understand that a comfortable indoor temperature can be a source of peace and relaxation. So, we recommend a seasonal inspection of the air-conditioning unit to ensure it performs optimally. This allows you to get cool air throughout the hot days and nights, without any interruption. This also gives you peace of mind as you know your air-conditioning unit won’t come to a halt when you need it the most!

Call us today at 267-471-9323 & 609-373-9707 to speak to our representative for queries or send in your installation and service requests! We guarantee you complete satisfaction – a completely cool and comfortable home during sweltering temperatures.

client testimonials

Erika WilkinsonErika Wilkinson
We were very happy with the service and the price. We would definitely use them again.
Jacob GubloJacob Gublo
Air Conditioner service for 2 units. The appointment was on time and service was completed promptly.
Patricia AntoliniPatricia Antolini
Replaced my Heater-went very well.
Grady Caswell KleinGrady Caswell Klein
AAC Heating and Cooling ServIce installed a new high efficiency heater and air conditioner in our home. He did a wonderful job. The system works very well and Adem has kept in good contact to make sure we are satisfied with his work. We recommend him!
Jeanette HassellJeanette Hassell
Check air conditioner and filled with freon and checked room vents that was cold. He was very courteous and polite to me I will use his service in the future.

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