Boiler Repair services in NJ and PA

Affordable Boiler Repair Services

No hot water? If you have got no hot water in your home due to a faulty boiler, don’t worry! AAC Heating and Cooling is there to provide the best boiler repair services in NJ! Our professional team of technicians know how to fix a faulty boiler! We fix it for you and make it run smoothly to make sure you get hot water in your taps, just the way you like it! We recommend you to be in touch with us for a seasonal maintenance of the boiler or water heating system of your home, so you can continuously get hot water in your taps.

Assuring all the Safety Precautions

As we know that your boiler must be well-maintained and serviced by expert servicing professionals, your boiler is a high quality, efficient heating appliance, which must also be serviced by trained and licensed technicians to look after all the safety precautions to ensure optimal performance and safety measures at all times. Our servicing experts would also make sure that your boiler is of the adequate size and has the sufficient capacity to satisfy the hear load. For optimal performance, our expert installation, servicing and repair technicians would select the appropriate placement for your boiler, which should be located on a dry, solid, non-combustible level surface, preferably as close to the chimney or venting inlet. Our servicing technicians would also raise the boiler above the floor for proper and efficient servicing and piping. They would also check if the floor is uneven, and install it with a full basement with adequate infiltration for combustion air. So leave all your boiler installation, service and repair worries to us as we will help you save money as well as utilize your boiler technology which requires our expert services to adjust, install, maintain and repair.