Thermostat Controls

AAC Heating & Cooling offers easy-to-use thermostat controls that allow you to adjust the temperature of your home – so you control the room temperature, your comfort, and your utility bills too. Our technicians are more than proficient to know how to properly wire a thermostat and adjust simple circuitry with it. AAC Heating and Cooling provide a wide range of thermostat controls for any and every application to suit with your environment. Our easy-to-use thermostat controls offer great comfort and save energy costs for you. With the help of these controls, they control electrical and water borne floor heating, heat pumps, direct effect electric radiators/convectors and air conditioning. They are also extremely suitable for use with electricity. With its processor control, it can easily create an even temperature and good indoor environment. They also offer variable functions to control room temperature by limiting temperature settings, regardless of the season or selected room temperature.

Operational Efficiency

ACC Heating and Cooling offer thermostat controls which can be used to control perfect adequate temperature settings. With correct controls, they give a longer service life of the system and lower energy consumption. With precise thermostat controls, it can also provide economical heating with save reductions for lower temperatures to give further cost savings.

Our expert technicians can easily integrate wireless thermostat control installation which is faster, cheaper and especially used for renovation or rebuilding. These wireless thermostat controls can also be used in a more demanding environment with precise temperature settings. ACC Heating and Cooling can also provide timeless and elegant designs thermostat which can easily blend with all environments and can also give the possibility of recessed installation. With are expert technicians and specialists, they can provide you with neater installation which you desire.